What Works in Authentic Leadership
What Works in Authentic Leadership
Darren Smith

Welcome to What Works in Authentic Leadership

For leaders who want to be better spouses, parents, business colleagues, friends, and spirit-filled.

About Me

What if you could skillfully de-escalate socially-charged issues quickly and consistently? What if you could increase profitability 10x, even during a pandemic-like disaster? What if you could scale and achieve the next level that you haven’t been able to achieve?  

Here you'll learn to do these things with the help of a community committed to helping you achieve your goals. 

What have I learned and how do I know what I know about authentic leadership?

•After 25 years I’ve figured out the reason the business leadership needle hasn’t moved after spending billions each year for decades on learning leadership techniques through leadership coaching and classes. 

•Leadership is not a technique, it’s character. You’re not born with character. You build it. People don’t want to follow a technique. They want to follow an authentic leader. 

•Few people figure out who they really are and achieve their purpose. 

•There are only a few times in our lives that we receive authentic feedback from others who know and love us that we can act on and make an authentic change. 

•The gap between your best self captured with your Authentic Leadership Sheet and how you currently show-up to others in your Authentic Leadership Loop is your authenticity gap. It’s what stands between you and achieving your best self.  

•To achieve authentic leadership, you must have a basic understanding of temperament and character. 

•Here’s the hard truth - you must grow personally, not just focus on growing your business while you remain unchanged. The same goes for using better and better technology or processes and not growing as a person at the same time. Since your temperament comes from nature and is part of your biology, your default is to lead with it, instead of your character. Learn how to make the change and achieve authentic leadership.

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